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“Pride Equality Index” is to be introduced to businesses in Japan.

A scene of wwP2015 seminar Work With Pride (wwP), a private organization that aims at promoting better diversity management of LGBT individuals in businesses, is to introduce “Pride Equality Index” an equality index for LGBT individuals in Japan. The equality index will be the first index that supports and promotes LGBT individuals in Japan. Work With Pride is going to hear from businesses their measures and actions for “Pride Equality Index” from July 1st to September 16th and present the summary report in Work With Pride 2016 Seminar held at Dai-ichi Seimei Hall in Harumi, Tokyo on October 26th. Work
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HAKUHODO released a new survey on sexual minorities that says 8 percent of the population in Japan are sexual minorities.

HAKUHODO LGBT Total Research Institute released a new survey on sexual minorities, known as LGBT, living in Japan on June 1st. The survey concluded that 8 percent of the Japanese population are sexual minorities. The survey was conducted among 89,366 Japanese citizens in the age range of 20-59. In that survey, 5.9 percent of the respondents identified as LGBT and 2.1 percent identified as other categories of sexual minorities such as asexual. 8 percent of the respondents identified as sexual minorities in total. Another survey about general public’s views and behaviors was conducted among approximately 1000 people from the 89,366
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