Monthly Archives October 2017

Sapporo City to certify same-sex partnership starting this June.

“Sapporo TV Tower”, the symbol of Sapporo City, is illuminated as rainbow in pride season On March 30th, Sapporo City announced the city will issue certificates that officially recognize same-sex partnership from this June. “Sapporo Partnership” was planned to be brought into effect this April, but it was postponed so that the city could have some time to make everyone in the city informed about it. The partnership system could have been mistaken for a system equivalent as marriage, so the city decided to explain the same-sex partnership certificate on its official website and PR magazine. For the recipients’ privacy,
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“Oriijin,” a new LGBTQ magazine to be published by DIAMOND, Inc.

On March 23rd, DIAMOND,Inc, one of the biggest business book publishers, has released its new magazine ,”Oriijin.” The new magazine was named after the Japanese word; “Nijiiro,” which means “rainbow.” “Oriijin” is the reverse reading of “Nijiiro.” “Oriijin” aims at providing an easily readable information on “diversity & inclusion” systems that have been introduced to many companies and issues facing LGBTQ community in Japan and in the world. The magazine repeatedly uses its newly coined word, “Kokoro Style,” which means a state of mind that respects, with responsibility, different values of others. If we have “Kokoro Style,” we can respects
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