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Gender Research Library, first special library for gender studies to open on the campus of Nagoya University.

Nagoya University announced that it will open Gender Research Library, the first special library for gender studies in Japan on November 1st. At Gender Research Library, people can have access to over 40,000 books and documents related to gender. It was built for the bettering of gender studies and providing more information related to gender. Anyone can use this library and it is likely to be a hot topic. There will be books on the history of women’s human rights and discrimination based on gender and diaries written by gay women in Gender Research Library. There will be six bathrooms.
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Shinjuku Isetan held an event with a lot of drag queens.

On October 14th, Saturday, a fabulous event “PINK FOR ALL! Fashion Parade” was held at Shinjuku Isetan. The event livened up Shinjuku when many drag queens showed up. It was held as part of Shinjuku Town Festival 2017. Shinjuku Town Festival 2017 is an event aimed at spreading the charms of Shinjuku area as the town that embraces diversity the most in the world . This year marked the 38th anniversary. On the special stage on Shinjuku Street, Fashion Stage was held featuring a variety of performers from 12:30p.m to 4p.m. PINK FOR ALL! Fashion Parade was the last stage
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Science Council of Japan (SCJ) releases policy recommendation of achieving marriage equality and establishing laws that ban discrimination against LGBTQ.

On September 29th, Science Council of Japan (SCJ) released policy recommendation: “Protection of Human Rights of Sexual Minorities. Engagement, Education and Labour.” ※SCJ was established in January 1949 as a “special organization” under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister, operating independently of the government, for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the field of science, and having science reflected in and permeated into administration, industries and people’s lives. It represents Japan’s scientists both domestically and internationally with the firm belief that science is the foundation upon which a civilized nation is built. SCJ is extremely active in its deliberations, helping
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