“Oriijin,” a new LGBTQ magazine to be published by DIAMOND, Inc.

On March 23rd, DIAMOND,Inc, one of the biggest business book publishers, has released its new magazine ,”Oriijin.” The new magazine was named after the Japanese word; “Nijiiro,” which means “rainbow.” “Oriijin” is the reverse reading of “Nijiiro.”

“Oriijin” aims at providing an easily readable information on “diversity & inclusion” systems that have been introduced to many companies and issues facing LGBTQ community in Japan and in the world. The magazine repeatedly uses its newly coined word, “Kokoro Style,” which means a state of mind that respects, with responsibility, different values of others. If we have “Kokoro Style,” we can respects not only opinions and values of others, but also our own opinions and values. Every of us sees things differently just like we have different work styles and life styles. Screaming like “NO MORE DISCRIMINATION” sometimes makes people go away, but spreading the idea of “Kokoro Style” can make people want to listen to others. “Oriijin” hopes more people understand the idea of “Kokoro Style” and its importance.

“Oriijin” features many writers, performers and activists from LGBTQ community. For example, Yoshihiko Inohara (TV talent), Sachiko Kobayashi(TV-talent), Ken Hasebe(Mayor of Shibuya Ward), Bruce Miller (ex-Australian Ambassador to Japan), and Naoko Ogigami(Her latest film “close-knit” won Teddy Jury Award.) The magazine will offer LGBTQ- related articles and essays, such as “LGBTQ- friendly cities in the world” and “Live in the era of diversity.”

In 2012, DIAMOND, Inc offered a LGBTQ feature in its business magazine, “Shukan Diamond.” The feature was 18-page long and introduced companies that had systems to support LGBTQ workers and offered in-house seminars on LGBTQs to the employees. The writer also did an interview with Patric Linehan, an ex-Consul General in Osaka and Kobe. Besides that, the special articles titled, “What is LGBTQ? What You Have to Know,” were published online. The articles featured the interviews with famous people from LGBT community and the stories about people who participated in NYC Pride Parade. Many people were very surprised since no one had expected it from a Japanese business magazine publisher.

“Oriijin” has received the same kinds of reactions,too. In 2005, one publisher published a magazine ,titled “Yes,” which featured gay culture, but it did not last for more than a year. Since then, there has been no publishers that feature LGBTQ-related articles. Considering this fact, “Oriijin” can be a big thing for LGBTQ community in Japan.