Approximately 5,000 Tokyo Rainbow Pride participants marched for LGBT rights in Shibuya, gathering about 100,000 people. The biggest pride parade ever!

On May 6th and 7th, Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017 took place in Yoyogi Park. This year, about 5,000 participants, dressed in colorful costumes, marched in Shibuya and about 100,000 people gathered in total, which marked the highest number in its history. (According to the official website of Tokyo Rainbow Pride.)

On the first day, there were more than 100 boothes in the park. What caught a lot of attention was “Nijihachi,” a huge rainbow bee monument decorated with colorful flowers by mixi. DIESEL had a really fabulous booth, too. Many LGBT performers such as Hoshikuzu Scat”, “Tokyo GEGEGAY”, and “Kiyotaka” were entertaining the audience on the stage.

On the last day, a record 23 floats joined the parade and about 5,000 participants, dressed in colorful costumes, marched in Shibuya. Shinjuku Marui had rainbow colored digital signage displays to show support for Tokyo Rainbow Pride. People looking at the march on the street cheered for the participants nicely and some of them were doing high-fives. The finale of Tokyo Rainbow Pride was Mika Nakashita, a well-known female singer in Japan. She sang six songs from her best hits such as “Yuki no hana,” meaning “a flower/elegance of snow.” The stage area was overfilled with too many enthusiastic fans and participants.

Tokyo Rainbow Pride became a hot topic on NHK TV news program and other news networks.