Fuji Television Network, Odaiba is to 
light up rainbow illumination on May 5th.

Fuji Television, the first rainbow illumination in Tokyo

On April 29th, Chiyo Abe, a well- known TV commentator from Fuji Television Network, hosted the opening reception of Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017. During the reception, she announced that Fuji Television will light up rainbow illumination between at 7.p.m and at 9.p.m on May 5th. The rainbow illumination is part of the projects of her Internet TV project, “LGBT LIFE.”

The Internet TV program, “LGBT LIFE” is created by a production team led by an openly lesbian TV director of “Houdoukyoku”, Mayumi Yamaguchi. She is also the founder of a lesbian support group, “AVANCE.” She made the best of the experience to create “LGBT LIFE.” The Internet TV program picks up a variety of topics related to the LGBT community in Japan and in the world. The recent topics were Tokyo Rainbow Pride and the movie made by United Nations, “The Price of exclusion.” People can watch and enjoy “LGBT LIFE” once a month and hear stories from many LGBT guests.

“LGBT LIFE” will be live on “FLAG7” and the rainbow illumination will light up during the show.

“Each of our members is in a different department, but we really wanted to raise awareness of sexual diversity from here, Odaiba.” Her team’s strong passion made this happen. (quoted from her facebook post.)

The first rainbow illumination took place in the local TV station in Sapporo, Hokkaido, during Rainbow March Hokkkaido. Two years ago, Marine Tower in Yokohama was lighted up rainbow during Yokohama Rainbow Festival. May 5th will mark the first rainbow illumination in Tokyo.