“Eigatengoku” from Nippon Television Network to broadcast four LGBT movies during the “LGBT-Pride-Month”

“Eigatengoku,” a Japanese midnight TV show that broadcasts a variety of movies, created by Nippon Television Network, is to broadcast an LGBT movie four weeks in a raw, starting from June 5th. June is “LGBT-Pride-Month” and “Eigatengoku” decided to do this “LGBT Film Festival” to celebrate “LGBT-Pride- Month.” Nippon Television Network will become the first major private key station that publicly broadcasts a set of LGBT movies in Japan. (TOKYO MX, a terrestrial broadcasting station broadcast “Breakfast on Pluto” as part of the projects for supporting Tokyo Rainbow Pride in 2014.)

The four movies are “Loose Cannons,” “Ma vie en rose,” “Albert Nobbs,” and “Pride.” All of the four movies are masterpieces. Almost all of them will air in Japan for the first time.

Mr. Yoshihiromasamichi, an openly gay movie writer, will be on the show with Maki Muraki, the openly lesbian representative of a non-profit organization, “Nijiiro” Diversity. They will talk and explain things about the four movies. (FYI, Maki Muraki hosted the first Kansai Region Queer Film Festival in 2005 and is knowledgeable about LGBT films.)

“These four movies are real masterpieces. They have won a variety of movie awards all over the world. I am really happy that I can be part of the show that broadcasts such amazing movies for not only LGBT people, but also non-LGBT people,” said the FtM TV-program directer, Toshimi Tanisho.

These four movies will be available on Hulu from June 5th. “Brokeback Mountain,“ “Happy Together,” Los amantes pasajeros,“ “J.Edgar,” “I Love You Phillip Morris,” “Dallas Buyers Club,” “The Imitation Game,” “Any Day Now” and more LGBT movies will be available on Hulu, too. All of these movies are the greatest LGBT movies.

For TV-drama lovers, Hulu will exclusively release a new gay TV- drama, “Looking.” Everybody says it’s a gay version of “Sex and the City.” Check this out,too!