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A transgender woman,who was denied the use of facilities as a woman, filed a lawsuit against Konami Sports Club Co and reached a settlement.

A transgender woman in the city of Kyoto reached a settlement in a dispute over the use of female facilities in Konami Sports Club Co. The transgender woman had been unable to change her gender status on the family register due to her underage daughter when she was denied the request by the fitness club. The manager of the club forced her to use male facilities “as a man” in the way of “not causing inconveniences to other users.” She filed a lawsuit with the Kyoto District Court and reached a settlement this month. Yuki Kono(a fictitious name), a transgender
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LGBT is featured on AERA

AERA, one of the most popular weekly magazines in Japan, features LGBT this month. The magazine picked LGBT as the cover story two years ago, putting a rainbow decoration on its logo and Tiffany’s advertisement with a couple of gay models on it. This time, the cover story has a richer content than the last one. One thing which is very different from other LGBT featured magazines is that AERA does not blindly believe today’s LGBT-friendly trend, spurred by big companies in Japan. The cover story begins with the title, “Illusion of LGBT trend. What’s behind the shiny rainbow? What
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