Good Aging Yells to open “Pride House Tokyo”, an information center on LGBT and sports during the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The right person is Mr. Matsunaka. At the pride house in Rio de Janeiro Olympic.

A Tokyo-based nonprofit advocacy organization for LGBT, Good Aging Yells announced its plan to open “Pride House Tokyo”, an information center on LGBT and sports during the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Good Aging Yells joined an international conference hosted by Pride House International in Toronto, 2014. Since then, the NPO has had a series of discussion with other support groups that participated in the conference, leading to the announcement that the NPO would host “Pride House Tokyo.”

“Pride House Tokyo” aims to play four roles. In the “facility” role, it will provide a facility where anyone can feel welcome regardless of their sexuality. In the “information provider” role, it will aim to provide cultural and regional information related to the LGBT community in Japan. In the “education” role, it will teach users about challenges and solutions to those challenges related to LGBT and sports. In the “participation” role, it will host a variety of sporting events for visitors and local people.

Good Aging Yells is also planning to gather experts in various fields to act on an advisory panel to come up with detailed plans for “Pride House Tokyo”. Its Facebook page will provide its up-to- date information. Furthermore, it is looking to partner with other support groups and businesses to host a variety of events and workshops that will be run under the auspices of the “Pride House Tokyo Movement” with the aim of raising public awareness of LGBT people and sports.

Got Matsunaka, the Representative of Good Aging Yells, will be in charge of the management of the projects to prepare for Pride House Tokyo(He resigned from his job to fully concentrate on those projects this year). A project secretariat will be established within the NPO and Masakazu Machino, one of the NPO’s members, is to be the Secretary General.

Mr.Matsunaka sees this year as a crucial year to get official support for those projects from the 2020 Summer Olympics and to raise awareness of LGBT among people involved. He has already hosted four seminars and is planning to make brochures that will help volunteers acquire better knowledge of LGBT and sports. “This is my calling. I want these projects to be one of the most successful ones in the 2020 Summer Olympics”, Mr. Matsunaka said.