Shinjuku Isetan held an event with a lot of drag queens.

On October 14th, Saturday, a fabulous event “PINK FOR ALL! Fashion Parade” was held at Shinjuku Isetan. The event livened up Shinjuku when many drag queens showed up. It was held as part of Shinjuku Town Festival 2017.

Shinjuku Town Festival 2017 is an event aimed at spreading the charms of Shinjuku area as the town that embraces diversity the most in the world . This year marked the 38th anniversary.

On the special stage on Shinjuku Street, Fashion Stage was held featuring a variety of performers from 12:30p.m to 4p.m. PINK FOR ALL! Fashion Parade was the last stage show. As many as ten drag queens showed up on the stage and fabulously started marching on the street. The theme was “a variety of performers fabulously march on the street dressed in pink. Pink is the color that represents a variety of people regardless of age,nationality and sex. We will spread love and courage throughout the world with our unique pink fashion!”

Shinjuku Isetan ran a booth with gay artists at Tokyo Rainbow Pride this year. The booth was so beautiful and it stood out in the crowd, too.