Chiba City now shows a positive attitude toward issuing same-sex partnership certificates.

20151218ChibaAzusa(left) is FtM transgender, and Tsubaki(right) is pansexual woman. They have relationship and acting for same-sex partnership certification in Chiba.

On December 15th, Yoshihiko Kaneoya, the head of Chiba Civic Affairs Bureau showed a positive attitude issuing same-sex partnership certificates in responding to questions about same-sex partnership certificates in Shibuya and Setagaya wards, asked by Masayoshi Fuse, a member of Future Democratic Party For Chiba(Mirai Minshu Chiba).

In the city council, Fuse asked Kaneoya whether or not Chiba City needs to start working on a new measurement to acknowledge same-sex partners. In response, Kaneoya said, “We need further discussions on this matter among its city councilors and citizens. We would like to start consulting specialists and exchanging opinions with them. After these processes, same-sex partnership system will be realized. We need to take measurements for LGBT people and their community as soon as we can.”

When asked about LGBT friendly measurements in Shibuya and Setagaya wards, Toshihito Kumagai, the mayor of Chiba City, said to the Asahi Newspaper reporters. “I support same-sex partnerships. Japan must become a country that embraces diversity.” Referring to the introduction of LGBT-friendly measurements in Chiba City, he said, “Our city council represents diversity. I am hoping better understanding of LGBT people will be achieved among city councilors.”

Taiga Ishikawa, a ward councilor of Toshima ward who is openly gay, said “I feel more municipal councilors pay attention to the problems facing LGBT people and their community. LGBT-friendly measurements will encourage many LGBT people all over Japan.”