Tokio 03 Summer Weekend -DAY 1- [ageHa]
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23:00 to 05:00

Ticket: available online here

“Tokio” is an inheritor of “Shangri-La” and the newest and hottest party in Tokyo gar party scene. “Tokio” embodies “Its’ a Gtopia” which stimulates five senses and new real enjoyment. [DAY 1] party is held at ageHa. A lot of casts will entertain you. Please enjoy Tokyo! Have fun!
There are luxurious DQ shows and happy sound in the ARENA by special DJs, Tokio GoGo Boys and Drag Qweens who represent Japan. We promise you a special experience. The dance floor is a space that stimulates your five senses!!

[ISLAND]  “Black Friday”
Enjoy black music (R & B, RAP, Hiphop, Dancehall, etc) & dance in “Black Friday”!! It’s a fashionable party, very popular with young people beyond the LGBT frame.

[WATER] “Brush”
“Brush” themes night pool this year! You can experience a night of Tokyo with glittering sound!

[BOX]  “Rokushaku Ketsuwaren Night”
“Rokushaku Ketsuwaren Night” is a special collaboration of two major Men’s parties!! Larger than usual, it’s gonna be a full of hanks! You should not miss the chance to experience it! There is a locker space to change clothes.

[PARK]  “Utada Night”
“Utada Night” is a party that you can enjoy Utada Hikaru’s music as the name suggests.It will be a beer garden. It’s good to take a break and chat with friends in a good atmosphere of outside park.

Oh, I cannot forget about the [DARK ROOM]. Of course, there is a dark room! It is promised FUJIO and MASATO lead naughty atmosphere with the coolest music.