Tokyo Rainbow Festival
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15:00 to 18:00

FEE: Free
CAST: Nichome people
STAFF: Nichome people

“Tokyo Rainbow Festival” is annual street festival in Nichome since 2000. “Tokyo Rainbow Festival” was held as after event of pride parade at first, and now held as community fest in “Bon” because pride parade moved to Golden Week(from the end of April to the beginning of May).
There are rows of stalls called “Demise” along the street, where many staffs of Nichome’s gay bars host you. And you can buy drink or food, then enjoy it while walking around like “Ennichi”.
Also you can watch Mikoshi, Eisaa and fantastic show. Especially, you should watch Mikoshi carried by Japanese style Fundoshi guys. It’s awesome!
In the end, everyone release rainbow color balloons together as a finale. Rainbow balloons are sold as HIV charity.