Fans Raving About IVAN and Yuki Nomura Dating

IVAN, a transgender fashion model, and Yuki Nomura, an actor announced their current relationship the other day. Their fans are raving about their relationship, saying “such a lucky girl to date Yuki!”

On April 8th, Sports Nippon, a newspaper, covered IVAN and Yuki Nomura’s relationship and Mr. Nomura’s agency admitted the fact.

According to those who are close to the couple, the two have been together for almost a year. Last June, the two went on a trip with Ai Haruna and after the trip, they started dating IVAN, a well-known fashion model working worldwide, came out transgender on a TV program in 2013. She publicly talked about her sex change surgery in Thailand on a Japanese TV program on Fuji TV.

Yuki Nomura is the second son of Masaki Nomura, an actor known for his role as Sarutobi on Mito Komon, one of the most famous Japanese TV dramas. Yuki Nomura is known as one of the strongest sports players in the TV-talents world in Japan. He is 191cm tall and IVAN is 180cm tall. They are pretty tall for Japanese people.

Hours after the news, IVAN uploaded a picture of the wedding dress that she was wearing at a bridal show. “Be happy! Happily ever after!”, a lot of her fans left comments to celebrate the new couple.

There are a lot of supportive comments on SNS about Nomura dating IVAN. “Even though social awareness and understanding of LGBT is not so high in Japan, Nomura stood up and said ‘I’m dating IVAN.’ I want to give it up for him because I know how hard it was.” ‘Nomura is such a nice guy and they seem to be in a serious relationship. I hope what he did will encourage more people.“