“FC Ryukyu” adopts a rainbow-colored uniform.

0213FCryukyuA J3 soccer team based in Okinawa called”FC Ryukyu” adopted a new uniform with a rainbow-colored left sleeve. It is the first attempt to show acceptance and understanding of LGBT people among all Japanese sport teams.

On February 12th, “FC Ryukyu” announced 5 new players and showed the team’s new uniform in Naha City, Okinawa. midfielder Juan, forward Pablo, forward Leonard, defender Shuhei, Takizawa, and defender Katsuhiro Hamada, who officially joined the team last January, attended the press conference. Mr. Takizawa and Mr. Hamada were wearing the new uniform with a rainbow-colored left sleeve. A big rainbow flag and the official flag of “FC Ryukyu” were displayed at the back of the conference room.

Tokuichiro Uehara from Gender Equality Division in Naha City Heiwa Koryu(Naha City Peaceful Interaction) said “Rainbow color represents diversity of sexuality. We would like to raise the awareness of sexual minority. With ‘FC Ryukyu’, we would like to make a community with no discrimination and prejudice against them.”

The official website of “FC Ryukyu” says “We all agree with” Rainbow Naha Declaration” which promotes diversity of sexuality. The rainbow color on the left sleeve of our new team uniform represents our respect for the diversity of sexuality. We want everyone to enjoy soccer regardless of their nationalities, sexualities, and disabilities.” They show a very positive attitude toward raising awareness of LGBT among their youth teams and their audience.

Their new rainbow-colored uniform will be introduced in the game of Hong Kong vs. Okinawa in Hong Kong on February 18th. Their J3 team will show their new uniform in Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park. During the season, “FC Ryukyu” will play games with many other teams all over Japan,
so why don’t you see their game and support them if it is convenient for you. (You can click ‘like’ button on their official Facebook page,too!)