Hiroshima Castle and Kanagawa municipal building to be illuminated during Human Rights Week 2017.

December 4 through December 10 is Human Rights Week. The Ministry of Justice and National Human Rights Committee Federation have established December 4 to 10 as “Human Rights Week” to raise public awareness for the respect of human rights through various events on the topic. Many more prefectures have decided to hold seminars about LGBTQ this year.

This year, Hiroshima Castle was illuminated in rainbow colors for the first time. With the help of Hiroshima Sexual Minority Association, Hiroshima Castle has become the first national heritage that was illuminated in rainbow colors as part of the political measures for LGBTQ.

Kanagawa municipal building was illuminated in rainbow colors on December 1st.

The Japanese Society for HIV Research took place in Nakano on November 23rd through November 26th. TOKYO AIDS WEEK 2017 concurrently took place and it became a hot topic when a big red ribbon was put up in front of Nakano ward office.