Japan Transocean Air announces support for LGBT community in Okinawa.

jtaJapan Transocean Air (JTA) announces support for LGBT community by allowing LGBT people to share their miles and inherit mileage from one another. Japan Airlines (JAL) announced to recognize same-sex partners as a family member, allowing them to share their miles this last February. JTA is an affiliated company of JAL.

“We decided to take a supportive stand for LGBT community so that we can create a system that accepts and respects diversity in society. We have allowed same-sex partners to share their miles since last February, like other straight couples and families do.” JAL and JTA announced, according to Okinawa Times.

As for mileage for members of JAL cards and JAL Mileage Bank, it is required to submit to JTA Mileage Bank Office a partnership certificate issued by their local authority.

Personnels from JAL and JTA said “we hope more same-sex couples will use this system. This is just the beginning and we would like to offer more good services in the future. ”

As part of support for LGBT community, JAL groups and JTA in Okinawa held in-house trainings in order to achieve better understanding of LGBT community at the end of last May(OUT JAPAN staff joined the trainings as a speaker). In addition to that, JAL and JTA became the top sponsors of “Pink Dot Okinawa,” held on July 17, as the first airline companies that sponsored a LGBT-related event in Japan.