My Brother’s Husband’s Talk Show

In 2015, a gay manga titled “My Brother’s Husband” won a series of manga awards and was nominated as Best Manga of the Year in Angouleme, France. “My brother’s Husband” was so highly rated in France that Liberation, a French newspaper, introduced it as one of the good books to be distributed to school libraries all over France. Gengoroh Tagame, the author of “My Brother’s Husband” is now the center of the attention from all over the world. What’s more, it is going to be a TV drama on NHK on March 4th of 2018.

NHK released its new TV posters and the fans got very excited. “It’s exactly the same as the manga’s book cover!” “I love Baruto’s beard!”

Baruto, who plays the brother’s husband from Canada in the show, has become so popular among the gay community in Japan.

Its official website has opened and there’s a message from Bartuto.
“Mike is such a kind guy. You can see and feel his kindness by what he does and say to others. I always tried to be a gentleman when I was playing Mike. Love comes in different shapes and colors. I hope more people will think about love and being gay in Japan. ‘My Brother’s Husband’ always makes me want to hug people and feel warm and kind. I hope you feel the same after the show.”

“My Brother’s Husband”s exhibition will be held during February 26th to March 24th of 2018 at Colorful Station, which was built by Goodagingyells. The original drawings and the characters’ model sheets will be displayed. Anyone who comes to the exhibition can get a postcard designed by Gengoroh Tagame. If you are a big fan of him, you can buy the prints of the original drawings there. You can choose from the five original drawings and he will write his autograph on each and ship them to your address.
He will be on the talk show with “My Brother’s Husband”s TV director on February 24th.