NHK Morning Drama to Feature a Gay Character

Japan Broadcasting Corporation known as NHK announced its new morning TV drama titled ”Hanbun Aoi” (meaning “half blue”) will feature a gay character. The TV drama will start from April 2nd.

The original novel of “Hanbun Aoi” was written by Eriko Kitagawa. one of the most popular scenario writers in Japan. The story is about an ambitious girl named Suzure Nireno living in a time of high economic growth in Japan. She is from a small town in Gifu Prefecture dreaming about becoming a successful manga writer for girls in Tokyo. She luckily has a chance to work as an assistant for one of the most popular manga writers and meets her new gay colleague, Makoto Todo known as Bokute. He is a very talented manga writer and has experienced a lot of things so how he sees the world sometimes surprises Suzume. He is such an interesting character, isn’t he?

Jun Shison is to play Bokute in the show. He is also playing male-to-female transgender lesbian woman in another TV drama titled “Joshiteki Seikatsu”(meaning “Life as a girl”). “I hope I can show everyone how attractive Bokute is through my acting. Please check out our show!,” said Jun Shison.

Despite the fact that other NHK TV dramas have already featured gay characters, “Hanbun Aoi” is the first NHK morning TV drama that features a gay character. To my surprise, there was a scene where two gay characters became intimate with each other in the TV drama titled “Kusa Moeru”(meaning “grass burns”), which was broadcast by NHK in 1979!