“Work of LGBT” – LGBT theme program in NHK has been broadcasted

Work for LGBT_sLGBT theme program – “Work of LGBT” has been broadcasted at “Baribara”- barrie-free variety program of  E Tele (NHK education), as the first in a series “Sexual minorities”.  (For your information, the second round theme is “Double minority”)
This program provides a way to show society how to recognize the mutual diversity, by hearing the stories from LGBT personal experiences. Some examples are “Job hunting after coming out is struggling”, “Repeatedly changing career due to discriminatory behavior in the workplace makes life so painful”.  The guest for this program was MTF transgender Ai Haruna.
Ms. Maki Muraki – NPO Nijiiro Diversity has been working to improve the treatment of LGBT in the workplace. She said “The basic thinking of admitting to know the diversity of the LGBT is same as cherishing the people, although it seems like LGBT matters look difficult.  It is necessary to suspect the premise first, before judging all fact through the appearance, stereotypes, your own knowledge and experiences” Satoshi Kawashima – A MTF transgender working in the cosmetics brand, who is known to have LGBT support declaration said, “It is up to each person whether they come out or not.  In my company, the workplace environment seems to be good for everyone in either case.
E Tele (NHK education) has been supporting LGBT (Sexual minorities) and HIV -positive people by creating programs such as “Ha-to Wo Tsunago (Joining of two hearts)”  since 2008 and did a collaboration with the Tokyo Pride Festival in 2009.