Shop Japan announced to give marriage leave & marriage cash contributions to employees who have same-sex partners

Shop Japan_sAs of August 4th, Oak Lawn Marketing (Headquarter in Nagoya, Japan. Under the umbrella company of NTT DOCOMO) – maker of the television shopping program Shop Japan – announced that employees who have same-sex partners will be given a marriage cash contribution and six days marriage leave if they have a public certificate issued by a certain institution.
This company’s regulation materialized after Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,  announced to issue certificates to same-sex couples when employees brought up the topic of equality for sexual minorities (LGBT) in their company. This company employs 480 people, and most of them are working in Tokyo.
“Variety of employees with diverse nationalities and cultural background gathered at Shop Japan under the vision “To realize a more affluent life style in the world”.  By respecting the diverse values ​​and opinions, it is possible to consider things from a global aspect and a variety of perspectives, creating a strong corporate structure which cannot form by the individual. We promote diversity in order for each employee to maximize their ability to shine, instead of drawing in such as gender and race. We decided this congratulations and condolences regulations revision, as a part of our diversity promotion efforts” (Referred by Shop Japan press release)
IBM Japan started the payment of cash contribution of marriage to same-sex couples in 2011, within the range of the current legal system. This year, Lush Japan also announced to offer cash contribution of payment, marriage leave, and parental leave, which recognizes the care leave for full-time employees who have same-sex partners. Support for LGBT in the enterprise has spread.