“Tokyo Graffiti” finally uses LGBT couples as the main feature and cover page!

tg133_3The culture magazine “Tokyo Graffiti” use LGBT couples as the main feature and use their colorful pictures for their cover page. “Tokyo Graffiti” featured LGBT couples in the past, in the LGBT feature issue entitled “Tokyo Rainbow Graffiti” on March 2015.
The October issue is “LGBT COUPLES @ Shibuya – Gay, lesbian … etc. Shape of various love”. Total of 15 varieties of couples, such as famous gay couples on TV, a Writer/Drag queen & FTM DJ couple, a MTF & a Straight person couple, gay couples married in the United States, a lesbian couple working in the same workplace appeared with nice pictures taken in Shibuya-ku. Also, their answer to several questions such as “Time when you noticed their own sexuality”, “The reaction from others when you came out”, “Heart fluttering moment with your partner”, “The ideal shape of your future” have been published.
Viewing over 32 pages of happy portraits and reading their interviews made us to believe “There are various forms of love, and each one is precious”, and our blessings go out to each couple. It was a really nice feature.
In addition to this article, other articles named “Neo Tokyo People” featured interesting people related to the LGBT market in Tokyo.
“Tokyo Graffiti” is available in convenience stores, and it will be expected to provide a positive impact to the public, mainly young generations.