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SoftBank to recognize same-sex partners as family. Employees with same-sex partners can take leave for celebration and condolence.

 SoftBank, one of the biggest telecommunications and internet corporations that has a number of well known corporations under the umbrella of affiliations, such as Yahoo!, BOOKOFF, Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, and ASKUL, has revised its in-house policies to recognize same-sex partners as family members and extend employee benefits to them.  SoftBank had already started treating same-sex partners of its customers equally as ‘spouse’ and they were eligible for “Family Discount.” The company was considering revising its in-house policies that affected its 18,000 employees. Under the new in- house policies, same-sex partners of its employees are equally treated as ‘spouse’ and eligible
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Survey research on LGBTs conducted among youth by Kyoto City indicates more than 80% of the respondents answered in favor of political measures for LGBT-friendly society.

 Japanese LGBT community has seen a series of social changes for the last few years such as official recognition of same-sex partners in multiple local municipalities. With these situations as a background, Kyoto Gender Equality Promotion Association conducted its first survey on LGBTs among youth and released the result. The 640 respondents aged 15-25 were randomly chosen from six universities and one college, and City Activity Center in Kyoto City.  According to the result, 2.8% of the respondents identified themselves as sexual minority. All the respondents are young so many heterosexual respondents answered that they were supportive or acceptive of
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You’re NOT Fat, You’re a Gaijin

I am an average size women. 5’3 and 123 lbs (160cm and 56kg). I’m rock in’ that Italian booty and hips my momma gave me. Back home, in America, I can find clothes in my size easily but living in Japan I feel fat! I have been told by Japanese doctors that I need to lose weight, and my Japanese friends have no issue calling me fat. When I go shopping, it’s nearly impossible to find anything in my size unless it stretches. Living and shopping in Japan can truly kill your confidence but you can work around it. I
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