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A new housing listing service for same-sex couples by SUUMO.

The character of Recruit Sumai Company and its staff at Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2017 SUUMO, a well-known website for housings administrated by Recruit Sumai Company, is to launch a new housing listing service for same- sex couples starting this summer. They will be able to live together in the housings listed on the website. “There’s been a lot of voices from LGBT people crying for housings that accept same- sex couples. We hope to support the community by introducing LGBT-friendly housing owners to them.” Recruit Sumai Company commented on the new service. The company will start to add lists of
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Transgender people who haven’t been allowed to change gender on family registry are now allowed to use an alias on their health insurance card.

A transgender woman who underwent a sex- change operation and runs a company in Kyoto city consulted with the national health insurance association in Kyoto about using her female name on her health insurance card. The association allowed her to do so. She is the first woman in Japan that is allowed to use an alias on a document as formal as an identification card such as a health insurance card. The transgender woman, who’s in her 50s, was diagnosed with gender identity disorder in 2012 and underwent a sex-change operation in 2014. However, she was not allowed to identify
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Fukushima Prefecture to implement Japan’s first measures for better understanding of LGBTs.

Mr.Maekawa speaking at the seminar of Diversity Fukushima On January 27th, a rough draft was proposed to the council as a part of the revised proposal of Basic Act for Gender Equal Society in Fukushima Prefecture. The draft, aimed at achieving better understanding of LGBTs and setting up a consultation system at educational institutions in the prefecture will be enacted by the end of March this year. According to Japan Alliance for LGBT Legislation(J-ALL), other prefectures have already created basic plans for LGBT rights in Japan, but Fukushima Prefecture is the first local government that will start specific measures for
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