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Osaka City Has Started Issuing Same-sex Partnership Certificates

On July 9th, the city’s first same-sex partnership certificate was given to a same-sex couple. Three couples came to receive the certificates that day. One of the three was the lawyer couple, Lawyer Minami and Lawyer Yoshida. The two signed the written oath of partnership and submitted it to Mayor Yoshimura. Finally, they received the certificate. Along with the certificates, Osaka city now allows same-sex couples to live together in the city-owned apartments. The city is also in the process of making guidelines about same-sex partnerships for local businesses with an aim to better understanding and awareness in the city.
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Saitama City to Start Same-sex Partnership System

2018:07:03 We released the news that support group submitted a petition to 27 local municipalities that asks for recognition of same-sex partnerships the other day. Guess what! Saitama city announced that they will start a same-sex partnership system. On July 3rd, Mayor Shimizu Hayato clearly announced the city’s plan to issue same-sex partnership certificates. The decision was made after the petition submitted by the support group. “We hope we can show our positive attitude that respects sexual diversity in the city,” the mayor said. “We are still in the process of deciding when to start it, but within the first
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Ochanomizu Women’s University to Accept MtF Transgender Students from 2020

2018:07:02 Ochanomizu Women’s University announced that they will accept applications from transgender students who identify as female from 2020. The university will be Japan’s first women university that accepts transgender students. Ochanomizu Women’s University traces its origin to Meiji Era. It was founded as Japan’s first women’s university run by the nation. There are approximately 3000 students studying in the university. Ochanomizu Women’s University has since accepted applications from female students whose family registry is registered as “female.” However, the university is to accept applications from transgender students who identify as female from 2020. According to Ministry of Education, Culture,
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