Ayumi Hamasaki, one of the most successful divas in Japan, performed .

Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018 was held in Yoyogi Park on May 5th and 6th and ended on a high note.

This year’s Tokyo Rainbow Pride was a little different. They could secure more space and set a big gate in front of the entrance of Yoyogi Park. As many as two hundred corporations, NPOs, embassies, and bars etc set their booths.(There has never been more than 200 booths in the history of Tokyo Rainbow Pride.)

On 5th, many popular performers, such as Tokyo Gegegay, Himitsunootome(a MtF idol unit),and Kiyotaka (an openly gay singer) came up to the stage and enlivened the atmosphere.

On 6th, Tokyo Rainbow Parade marked a record high of 37 floats and many politicians and the former representatives of Tokyo Rainbow Pride led the march on the streets in Shibuya where the pictures from OUT IN JAPAN project were displayed in rainbow colors(many shops like MARUI were proudly displaying rainbow colors for the march).

After the march, Ayumi Hamasaki, one of the most successful divas in Japan, performed seven songs in Yoyogi Park. An unbelievable number of people surrounded the stage, trying not to miss any moment with the most-loved gay icon. The event was such a success.

As many as 140,000 people came to Tokyo Rainbow Pride and seven thousand people got together to join the march, reaching record high. It also reached record high last year, but this year it was so much higher than that.

In addition to that, PARTY OF LIFE, featuring Maki Oguro, successfully attracted approximately a thousand participants. During the pride week, which was from April 28th to May 6th, there were about seventy events and successfully attracted about four thousand people. The total number of participants is 152,000 this year.


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