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Christmas in Japan (Bakappuru Stories)

By Roz It’s the weekend after Thanksgiving, my back is aching from pulling the heavy Christmas tree box out of storage but I am still bending over and pulling out each Christmas tree part. The job that I remember my father doing when I was a child. For some families having a real Christmas tree is tradition, but for me tradition was watching my dad pull out the dusty Christmas tree box out of the attic and down the stairs into the living room, while my mom is yelling over everyone, “Ray, careful don’t hurt yourself! Roz get out of
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“Equality starts with you!” (Bakappuru Stories)

By Roz A night like any other, after a long day of work, Natsuko and I sat at our small two person table in the center of the kitchen, we had just finished dinner and started talking about random topics. Natsuko was having her after dinner smoke while I shared my thoughts on some current events. I read about a company that began to provide marriage benefits, such as marriage leave and compensation, for same-sex couples with legal marriage documents in Japan. We were talking about how we need to think about planning a date soon for our wedding in
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