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Monex launches a new service for same-sex couples

Monex is to offer joint bank account services to same-sex couples, starting from December 19th. It will be the first trial of its kind in Japan. Opening a joint bank account enables same-sex couples to manage their assets together. Since they have equal ownership, the joint bank account can be used just like a normal bank account. When they want to close the joint bank account, their assets are separated as they have decided in advance. It has been difficult for same-sex couples to manage their assets together because the banks do not allow them to open a joint bank
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Sympodium on status of residence for same-sex couples composed of a Japanese national and a foreign national

In March of this year, the news that a Taiwanese national received an eviction order after his beloved same-sex partner passed away spread among the Japanese gay community. They had been together for more than 20 years. After he was given the order, he asked for the revocation of the order by filing cases against the Japanese government, claiming that it is a violation of equality under the laws. Mr.G is a middle-aged gay man living in the region of Kanto. He came to Japan with a student visa in 1992 after his family kicked him out because of his
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Hiroshima Castle and Kanagawa municipal building to be illuminated during Human Rights Week 2017.

December 4 through December 10 is Human Rights Week. The Ministry of Justice and National Human Rights Committee Federation have established December 4 to 10 as “Human Rights Week” to raise public awareness for the respect of human rights through various events on the topic. Many more prefectures have decided to hold seminars about LGBTQ this year. This year, Hiroshima Castle was illuminated in rainbow colors for the first time. With the help of Hiroshima Sexual Minority Association, Hiroshima Castle has become the first national heritage that was illuminated in rainbow colors as part of the political measures for LGBTQ.
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