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Kazuyo Katsuma, a Well-Known Critic of Economics, Admitted She is in a Romantic Relationship with Hiroko Masuhara.

When Ms. Katsuma attended her high school’s reunion party in December, 2015, she heard her teacher saying “the woman who received the first same- sex partnership certificate in Shibuya Ward used to go to this school.” After the party, she was looking at her facebook and saw the woman in the picture one of her friends uploaded there. “I know her. She and I went to the same high school,” she left the comment. A few days later, her friend introduced the woman, Ms. Masuhara, to Ms. Katsuma. To Ms. Masuhara, Ms. Katsuma was the person she had looked up
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Nakano Ward to Recognize Same-sex Partnerships from This August.

On May 9th, Nakano Ward, TOKYO, announced its plan to officially recognize same-sex partnerships. “Nakano Ward Partnership Oath” will start from this August. Same-sex couples are also able to apply for the certificates that ensure they decide their own medical treatment and how their property is managed. According to Wataru Ishizaka, an openly gay ward councillor of Nakano Ward, here is the details of “Nakano Partnership Oath.” “Anyone aged 20 or older who lives in Nakano or plans to move to Nakano can apply for the partnership certificates with the submission of a written oath, Voluntary Guardianship Contract and Statement
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Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018 successfully ended, marking a record high of more than 150,000 participants.

20180507 Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2018 was held in Yoyogi Park on May 5th and 6th and ended on a high note. This year’s Tokyo Rainbow Pride was a little different. They could secure more space and set a big gate in front of the entrance of Yoyogi Park. As many as two hundred corporations, NPOs, embassies, and bars etc set their booths.(There has never been more than 200 booths in the history of Tokyo Rainbow Pride.) On 5th, many popular performers, such as Tokyo Gegegay, Himitsunootome(a MtF idol unit),and Kiyotaka (an openly gay singer) came up to the stage and
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