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Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance will start offering fire insurance and car insurance to same-sex couples.

 On August 10th, Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance announced that the company will release fire insurance and car insurance that recognize same-sex partners as “spouse.” With certification from Financial Services Agency, the insurances will be available as personal insurance from January, 2017.  Fire insurance allows policyholders to receive compensation when their spouse’s household belongings are damaged in a fire, however, same-sex partners are not eligible for the compensation since they are not legally treated as “spouse.” As for car insurance, same-sex partners are also excluded from benefits of “Drivers’ Discount” and “No Accident Discount” due to the current systems
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Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, declares its official support for LGBT community.

 ”We are now starting to make initiatives to support LGBT community and we hope everybody can live freely and embrace sexual diversity in our city.” On August 10th, Kenji Ozeki, the mayor of Seki City, officially announced “LGBT-friendly Declaration” in front of City Welfare Center. As many as 100 people attended the ceremony and released rainbow-colored balloons into the air.  Seki City is the first municipality in Tokai Region that officially announces support for LGBT community. In 2013, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka declared the first declaration of support for LGBT community in Japan and Naha City in Okinawa, Takarazuka City in
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Rakuten to recognize same-sex partners as spouses and offer married employee benefits to same-sex couples. Five initiatives aimed at LGBT customers such as Rakuten Wedding are being implemented.

Rakuten Inc, a famous online shopping mall and shopping-website operator with one hundred million customers, announced that it will expand the definition of “spouse” to same-sex partners at the board meeting on July 22nd. Under the new rule, same-sex partners of employees are eligible for the same benefits as married couples including condolence leave and consolation payments. Submission of documents with their signatures is required for the recognition, Rakuten Inc has more than 13,000 employees including non-Japanese employees. Rakuten Inc has worked on establishing in-house systems that promotes acceptance and understanding of people from different social backgrounds. Last June, LGBT
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