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バカップル (Bakappuru) Quirky Couple

(Baka meaning fool, or quirky  or harmlessly eccentric in Japanese put together with kappuru meaning couple. This is the nickname given to the following couple, the  Quirky Couple.) Written by: Roz The United States of America legalized same sex marriage on June 26th, 2015. Natsuko, who is Japanese, and I, an American, jumped up on the couch cheering when we heard the great news. Even though she and I, a same sex binational couple, couldn’t legally marry in Japan, we were ready. So, legal to marry or not, I decided to propose to Natsuko. I would like to tell you
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Mainichi Shimbun has published an editorial that appeal and the development of the Basic Law to protect the human rights of sexual minorities

On August 20, 2015, editorial that “the legislation examined protect sexual minorities human rights” was published in the Mainichi Shimbun. Sexual minorities are facd with various difficulties in society such as receiving discriminatory treatment of workplace, bullied at school, and it cause the high suicide rate because of not being consulted with familiar people.  In such a situation, they ask  the government to enact the legislation for the purpose of such discrimination resolved The United Nations also works on the countries to eliminate discrimination and violence against sexual minorities. At National Assembly in this year, bipartisan lawmakers Federation to consider
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The cover of “Nikkei Business magazine” colored in the rainbow with the character of “LGBT”

The cover of the August 24th, 2015 issue of Nikkei Business was colored in the rainbow, and the character of “LGBT” was dance. The main feature title was “Ultimate diversity LGBT- Your company cannot ignore.” It was a great feature total of 22 pages. This is the second LGBT feature since 2007. “Nikkei Business” August 24 issue, 2015 “Ultimate diversity LGBT” Table of contents Page 26: Two of the reality that you do not know Page 28: Basic knowledge of LGBT Page 30: Chain reaction began Shibuya, Tokyo – October Revolution “Anguish for 10 million people – If left for
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